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About Us

About us


Talent Microfinance Services Limited is a licensed financial institution established under the laws of Ghana. It operates strictly in accordance with laid down rules and regulations for the operations of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in the country.


To be distinguished and develop through continuous products development that will transform our clients into wealth creators.


Talent microfinance services ltd seeks to bring unparalleled and redefined microfinance services to the doorsteps of small and medium-size enterprise owners, thereby helping them to grow and sustain their businesses for wealth creation
Why Choose Us

Unique Selling Proposition

The following are some of the unique attributes that make Talent Microfinance Company stand out in the microfinance industry.

CUSTOMER ORIENTED SERVICES: Talent Microfinance Company can boast of uniquely tailored services to meet the unique needs of our various market segments. Our Susu account is uniquely designed to meet the needs of most market women, traders, drivers, and other micro businesses that need a flexible account which they could make unlimited deposits and withdrawals at any time of the day. Our Savings and Anidaso account comes with a 10% interest per annum which is spread out through the twelve months. This means that customers earn something on these accounts at the end of every month.

THIRD PARTY WITHDRAWAL: We also allow third party withdrawal on all our accounts. That is, someone can make a withdrawal on behalf of an account holder only after the transaction has been confirmed by us. This provides some level of convenience to our customers who for one reason or the other cannot come to our premises yet may be in need of some amount of money.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Talent Microfinance has established a strong reputation in the market and it is well known as a safe and secured place to save and transact business. We are always available, even on Saturdays to ensure that our customers can have easy access to us at all times. We have also expanded our operations into other regions of the country. With the exception of the Western, Upper East and West Regions, we are in all the regions of the country making us one of the safest microfinance institutions in the country.

FLEXIBLE LOAN REPAYMENT SCHEDULE: Another distinctive feature of Talent Microfinance is our flexible loan repayment schedule. Repayment of our loans is spread out on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis to suit clients. Hence clients repay their loan even without feeling the impact.

WORKING HOURS: For our cherished customers, we have a flexible and convenient working hours which allow our customers to have access to our service beyond the standard working hours. In addition to this, we provide services to our customers on Saturdays as well.